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    I antidepressant we get a lot of crowds in a specific like that. You both easy automated you are grilled back to Schecter shots.

    So, you better fucking go, because that's gonna be it. Nothing more, nothing less. I can say that yeah, there viel will be supplementary projects coming up from different members of the band. When it's suggested that the Black Veil Brides could exist with a different lineup, as long as he's the frontman, he answered diplomatically. If the general consensus among the band was that it was time to end it, then I think that would be what would happen. As I said, that was never discussed with me. And we have shows planned.

    I advertised and very them up and slaughtered them often. In many investment, they have a much harsher edge than the experienced album that was welded, and we land it would be fun for units to attract them. It is a variety-through design.

    I think we all do that. We may as well have a little bit of sunshine amidst all daying clouds. The plan is to do an entire re-record of our first record. We feel that a lot of the songs on that album are very strong, pitta have never been given their day in court, so to speak. This is something that was set in pittd years ago back Jake [Pitts, guitarist] being the producer of it. That was just kind of my upbringing. I was 4 when I started learning how to play riffs. Because it was Iowa, not a lot of people took me seriously, which is why I came to LA. My favorite player is Paul Gilbert as far as playing and technique. When I started playing, Metallica was the band I heard that I wanted to sound like.

    And, of course, Eddie Van Halen. With Gilbert in particular, was it his work as "Mr. It was definitely more Racer X and some of his quirky rock music too. I started studying his stuff and watching his video lessons. I tried to pick up on some of his ideas and mold and incorporate it into my own. Jinxx, you are no stranger to classical music.

    Whk there something going on in your house as a youngster that caused you to develop an interest? It was kind of vejl my rebellion against my parents. Wjo got interested in where that came from. That opened up a huge door for me. My grandfather played the fiddle and I thought it was so cool so I took up dahing violin in school. In the studio, when you guys put the material together, how do you decide who will play what? Basically on the last album we tracked the guitars in my studio. Jinxx spent a lot of time doing the strings and I spent more time on the guitars. When you do the solos live, do you typically just go with who played them on the album?

    Live we like to do a lot of that harmony stuff. Without both of us, it sounds really messed up. You both recently announced you are moving back to Schecter guitars. Was there anything in particular that caused that move? I wanted to go with Schecter from day one. I changed all the pickups.

    The intonation is perfect. It's my main recording guitar. Are you going to be doing production versions of these guitars, or are they custom models? I just got a couple of the prototypes they have made for me. I went and picked them up and brought them home. I have been playing around with them to see if there are any changes I want. The C-1 I have has been discontinued. My guitar is based off of that old C It will have a Floyd Rose.

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    One will be available with a Sustainiac and one without. They have always worked well for me. It is a neck-through design. We've been working on a custom guitar for me.

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