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    Callen’s Corner: Callen And Romance

    I also learn that when he makes do in love, he sells in class first and that much means everything to him. We only asume he was generated paperwork.

    SnoopGirl Great topic for discussion. Here are my ramblings. Not sure why jowlle would do that as he works so hard to keep his identity a secret except to get her to be honest with him about Micheal being his son which I believe he is but even then it was a big risk for him to want to tell her his real name. Not just for him, but for everyone he works with. Love Arkady and how cool would it be for Callen to be in a relationship with one of his relatives?

    Sure hope I am wrong though. BH72 That is a very good point made there, Doningo. We only asume he was doing paperwork. The possibility that he was going over information to help find his own father after the Greyman case is plausible. Richtsje November 23, at And well, you might just be right. Who knows, perhaps he finds him, in the end? Linda November 20, at 9: Sure, let's go with that. However, Kensi isn't the only one who walks away from the mission wounded. When the team arrives at the first location where they believe Kensi is being held, Callen Chris O'Donnell is shocked to discover that there is, in fact, a woman tied to a chair there. But it's not Kensi. It's his ex-girlfriend, Joelle Elizabeth Bogush.

    Joelle spins an unlikely yarn about how she was randomly carjacked by someone earlier that day, and didn't see or hear Kensi But though the pieces of her story aren't exactly fitting together, everyone accepts it at face value except for Hetty Linda Huntwho confronts Joelle and gets her to admit that she's actually a CIA officer, and was lying to Callen the whole time. Despite Alexa's claim that she knows everything about him—including what his initial stands for—Callen does nothing to protect her and allows Hunter to kill her. Callen does not trust her and wants to know more about himself and what was on the laptop that she retrieved at the Comescu house.

    Hunter later tells him that all the contents of the laptop were concerning the family's illegal activities and not about Callen. Hetty later returns when Hunter leaves for another undercover operation in Europe and offers to tell Callen everything starting with the reason she was trying to protect him: She then gives him his mother's name: She also tells him that his mother was a CIA agent and that Hetty had been her handler when Clara had gone back on assignment to Romania. After a year of the mission, Clara vanished for six years and resurfaced with two children, desperate to get out of Romania.

    Hetty had been sent to meet her on the beach where the Comescus killed her. She also says that she doesn't know how he and his sister came to the U.

    Callen responds by gunning down "The Chameleon" following a prisoner exchange and is arrested by the local police. Season 4[ edit ] A series of flashbacks in the season four opening episode "Endgame" reveal that the Chameleon's death was actually faked. After the Chameleon and Callen are traded back to their respective sides in a prisoner exchange, Callen, following his fake suspension, returns to lead the OSP team once again. Janvier returns again at the end of season 4 Season 5[ edit ] Janvier returns in the season 5 opener following the end of season 4. He reminds Callen that he will be seeking his revenge, even if he has to wait many years to exact it.

    In the season five episode " Reznikov, N. He is kidnapped and killed by one of the surviving members of the Comescu family, Vasile. At the end of the episode, Hetty and Arkady Kolcheck explain to Callen that Reznikov was actually a KGB major who was arrested and sent to a Soviet gulag inaround the time Callen and his sister came to America.

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    Reinhardt actually named Hans Schreiber was a former East German who owed Reznikov a favor and repaid it by keeping track of Callen and his sister. The Comescus mistook him for Reznikov, who kept the ruse to protect Callen. Both aware of the acllen, they nevertheless datnig on well although Callen immediately makes up a fake career to protect his role, and throughout season five, Joelle is mentioned as Callen's girlfriend. Season 6[ edit ] In "Humbug", an armed robber threatens Joelle in public after stealing some malware from a defense Is callen still dating joelle. When it is learned that the robber placed the stolen malware caolen Joelle, Callen is forced to put himself in danger to protect her, eventually being forced to reveal to her that he is an NCIS agent.

    Although hurt by this revelation of Callen's deception, she eventually accepts to continue their relationship as long as he tells her more about himself. Callen and Joelle are confirmed to be still together by both Sam and Callen himself. Callen later tells the team he would not be against starting a family with Joelle. Callen realises Arkady Kolchek knows more about his father than he's revealed and when a mission to find a ship with stolen barrels of oil leads to Russia, Arkady accompanies the team. Whilst there Arkady takes Callen to a coffee shop and shows him a photo of Callen's father from the s, long after he was supposedly sent to the Gulag.

    Personally I need the action, the fun, appropriate character development and back stories — and a little flirting on occasion. This is not so apparent now. Sorry for the essay… February 14, at 6: I like the banter and them focusing on cases. I understand to keep a show going this long they have to develop the characters and let them grow etc. It gets to be to much sometimes. I think deep down he probably knows that.

    Hetty had been offered to life her on the index where the Comescus answered her. Same is the More Valuable for G. Callen builds by gunning down "The Delaying" following a general getting and is comprised by the world leader.

    Jan February 15, at 5: Caklen for Callen, who is supposed to be a lone wolf. That said, characters do evolve, and finding a woman with whom he has genuine unforced chemistry would open a door for a different side of Callen. Linda February 15, at It is not a soap opera.

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