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    Substance Use There are a number of reasons that survivors report using substances like alcohol and drugs. Depression Feelings of sadness and unhappiness that have a negative impact on your life could be a sign of depression. Sexual violence can have psychological, emotional, and physical effects on a survivor. Sleep Disorders Sleep disorders are medical conditions that affect the quality of sleep by interfering with normal sleep patterns. So why does our culture not believe the victim? Interpreter services will be provided for the deaf or hard of hearing, and persons with limited English proficiency free of cost.

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    Our staff works directly with community leaders and partners to raise awareness, effect social change, and address system gaps. Primary Prevention Frde is a way to teach hilp youth about building healthy relationships, creating personal boundaries, challenging gender norms, and raising awareness toward teen dating violence before it ever starts. Some sleep disorders include nightmares, sleep terrors, insomnia. Eating Disorders Sexual violence can have an effect on the survivor's perceived body image and affect their eating habits. Dawn Center goes into schools, churches, social groups, libraries, and other sites where youth gather to educate and build trusting relationships with the youth of our community.

    Sexually Transmitted Infections STI's can occur during any sex act, even if this contact was unwanted or forced.

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