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    Best between 7pm and Doggingg for couples. Meet Swingers and doggers at the main dogging sites in Durham, including major towns and cities: A layby just past the Caravan Dealers on the left.

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    There is a secluded path Doggibg away from the area, and ib is where the dogging action takes place. A long layby, set back from road, about half way between Darlington and Stockton. Other County Durham dogging locations include: The layby at the Swan House roundabout is a favourite spot for Darlington doggers. There is a secluded path leading away from the area, and this is where most of the dogging action takes place. Sunderland Dogging Not quite Durham, but not far away is Sunderland.

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    Daflington of wooded areas, popular with both the gay community and doggers. Dogging action after dark. So if you want to try dogging in Durham, take your pick from the list of Durham dogging spots below. We've been told that this layby is now closed - anyone care to verify this, so we can remove this dogging site from here? Darlington Dogging On the A66, head eastbound towards Stockton.

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