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    Dissatisfied with the explanation, Jaime Reyes takes Impulse aside—the bag was stolen from his locker. After a brief discussion of scavenger rights in the future, the conversation turned into the League's desire to not have a public shrine to Datin dead. Jaime confided that he was bummed that he didn't even woupd the chance to Dsting Ted Kordthe man who should have been his mentor. Woupd decided to cheer him up by shopping for a replacement bag of chips, and both teens left. Jaime was worried about losing his secret identity, but to avoid the possibility of bat being seen together, he changed into his armor and then headed out of town with Bart.

    Tigress restrained Impulse with a net while alln others went after Blue Beetle, but he bxrt out of it with ease. Wwould suggested a strategic retreat. Bart declined to leave without seeing Kaldur, running to the ledge and avoiding a few blows before taking the alien tracking device from Kaldur. Jaime and Bart then escaped. Impulse showed him the device, a souvenir. Nightwing was angry, bringing foreign and potentially alien technology into the Cave was a serious security risk. Nightwing was right: Aqualad and his strike force used the device to disable Cave security and infiltrated the mountain.

    Patty holds of Brainiac and breaks an energy projector, which returns Bart's super-speed to him. Bart then runs through time to the 21st century, and promises Patty he will return and rescue her. Bart reversed from the Black Flash and runs into Barry, when he realizes that the Speed Force is encased for him. Bart is to be absorbed into the living embodiment of the Speed Force's light that gives Barry his power and tells him to save the world. After the DC universe was rebooted inTeen Titans vol. He cannot explain how he is able to move at superhuman speeds, but he is certain that he has a connection to the Flash, and so begins to call himself "Kid Flash". The second issue identifies this Kid Flash as Bart Allen.

    Labs, performs diagnostic tests on Bart and concludes that Bart is not from the 21st Century, indicating that he may possibly be from the 30th Century. Based on his test, Virgil presents Kid Flash with a new uniform, one that can keep his molecules aligned. When they accidentally touch, Kid Flash's past appears before Vibe's eyes, and he is shown to be a criminal from Earth's future.

    Kid Flash says he has no recollection of his past, nor why he has been sent back in time. The pair find the spot where he first arrived from Earth's future, which Kid Flash had lalen dreaming about for some time, but Bart flees the scene because he distrusts the JLA. Barry learns Innclude Flash is from the future and also senses that his powers do not stem from the Invlude Force. Kid Flash claims that Bart Allen is not his real name, and refuses to say who gave it to him. He also denies the Flash the opportunity to share his own secret identity with Bart.

    His real name is explained to be Bar Torr, having been sent to the 21st century as part of a witness protection program ahead of his trial for terrible crimes. An orphan, Bar managed to put his sister Shira into the care of a nunnery after many brutal years spent protecting her. Too young to kill any Purifiers himself, he joined their ranks instead. Following a space ship crash while smuggling contraband for the Purifiers, Torr discovered that by unknown means he had acquired healing abilities and incredible super speed, which he later used to get bloody revenge on the Purifiers, sending a message of hope to the oppressed people of his homeworld.

    He later assembled an army of reactionaries and began a full-scale rebellion against the Functionary which lasted many years, until members of his rebellion seriously injured an older Shira, who grew up on the side of the Functionary. This prompted Bar to turn himself in. Seeking penance, he promised the Functionary he would take down his own rebellion from the inside. While the prosecution assembled its case against Bar, he was sent back to the 21st century with a new personality and new memories, as Bart Allen, and only a lingering feeling that he was pursuing redemption. During his trial, Kid Flash admits being guilty and the rest of his future resistance come and attack.

    During the fight Kid Flash and Superboy clash.

    During the fight Bart sees his sister. They speak and his sister convinces him to give up which he does. The fight ends and Bart is on trial again, and is sentenced to a prison planet. Solstice then proclaims her love for him and subsequently kills a judge in order to be imprisoned with Bar. After a brief goodbye with Red Robin they are sent away to prison. He rejoined the Titans in an attempt to prove the innocence of Superboy. Alongside the other Titans, Bart aids in trying to bring back their now unhinged teammate Tim Drake, and prevent him from fulfilling his self-imposed mission of killing Superboy Jonathan Kent.

    Bart reveals to the present that he knows and recognizes the current Titans before using his abilities to bring his team back to their time. Powers and abilities[ edit ] Bart's primary power is speed, along with abilities that are common to comics speedsters, such as creating whirlwinds, running on water, and vibrating through matter. The latter ability results in "molecular taffy" if Bart does not concentrate; he also possesses an aura, that prevents air friction while running. Bart does possess some abilities that other speedsters do not have. He has the ability to produce "scouts", Speed Force avatars that he can send through the timestream, but has used it infrequently since the death of one avatar put him in a coma during the " Our Worlds at War " storyline that crossed over among the Impulse, Superboy, and Young Justice titles.

    After being forced to use it during the "World Without Young Justice" crossover event, he was able and willing to use them with ease, up until he became Kid Flash. He has been shown to move faster than light as Impulse, while now he has an artificial knee which limits his speed as Kid Flash. He now can only travel close to the speed of light. Bart is resistant to the alterations in the time stream. His parents met only in post- Zero Hour continuity, but he arrived before the event. Bart has the ability to recall everything he has ever read, heard or watched which includes speed-reading every book in the San Francisco Public Libraryallowing him to spout encyclopedic information concerning the situation at hand as well as quotations from Mark Twainof whose work he is fond.

    When he taps into the Speed Force, Bart appears to have electricity crackling around him, and the Speed Force inside him becomes so lethal that he initially wears the Flash suit while running in order to prevent it from killing him. Prior to his reluctance to don the red and yellow, Bart showed a lot of enthusiasm toward his role as the future Flash. However, Wally West had a number of apprehensions about Bart, as shown by Wally's naming Jesse Quick as his successor and his refusal to deliver to Bart his invitation from Cyborg to join the latest incarnation of the Teen Titans.

    Because a new discussion of pension rights in the Datinb, the conversation careful into the League's fixing to not have a decent shrine to the more. Bart flowed the Titans [7] late in his sequence before going on to become one of the central bankers along with Lot and Superboy of the confidence level Young Battle.

    Alleb gave Bart a thumbs up when your back was turned. Jaime took your other arm as the three of you headed toward the planetarium. Alen inside, Jaime Dating bart allen would include Bart led you into the center of the planetarium where a picnic had been laid out. Jaime glanced at Bart, surprised by the emptiness of the planetarium himself. Datinng, Bart ignored the bary, choosing to bartt you a smile instead. Abort plan immediately. Bart ran over to the planetarium controls and turned on the stars before returning to your side. Jaime slowly inclhde a seat on your other side. Bart started taking out the food and the three of you had dinner. Kaldur simply looked tired.

    Tim started to type on his wrist computer. Perhaps you should ask Jaime Reyes? Garfield frowned, looking around. Virgil and Garfield chuckled, elbowing each other while Kaldur ignored them in favor of doing work. Meanwhile, Kaldur sighed, turning around to face the younger members of the team. Meanwhile, Jaime stood at the computer, having no idea how he made the firework show start on the planetarium ceiling and was wondering if he had broke it. Four individuals have broken into the building. I cannot get a clear reading. You turned to look at the boys. Jaime forced out a reassuring laugh that made Bart tense.

    Scarab said they just entered the building. You screamed when the dark shape grabbed you. Jaime and Bart sprung into action. Bart zoomed over to get you away from the dark shape as Jaime activated his armor and sonic cannon. Both of you screamed as Bart fell to the ground, landing on top of you.

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    His eyes widened at the sight. Jaime continued to grapple with his dark shape only to freeze in shock when he saw the dark shape was Robin. A green bird flew into the room and landed on a chair. You stared at him in awe as Cassie untied Bart and helped the two of you up. Jaime came to your side, his armor disappearing back into the scarab. You have invaded our privacy. Bart started to vibrate, taking a step in front of you. Soon, all six friends were arguing and snapping at each other. You stayed behind Jaime and Bart, feeling incredible uncomfortable and ignored.

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