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    Quarterly, while Landover Subprograms and Cheverly are not small, New Carrollton has two-thirds the trade of Hyattsville. Dunn Loring.

    However, there are a number of medium-sized preferred names in Montgomery County. Along the DC whsre — and, unsurprisingly, in areas that were early streetcar suburbs — Takoma Park which includes a sizable incorporated city noq Chevy Chase a name shared by a number of small municipalities on the Connecticut Avenue corridor are the preferred names for significant swaths of land. Meanwhile, there are a couple of tiny municipalities in Montgomery County — Glen Echo, Cabin John, and Garrett Park — that have their own ZIP codes approximately coterminous with the municipalities with their own preferred names. It's not surprising that Hyattsville is the preferred name for ZIP codes far beyond the borders of the actual City of Hyattsville.

    What is rather strange is that there are actually two regions with the preferred name Hyattsville, separated by Riverdale, Bladensburg, and Brentwood ZIP codes. The western of these two regions that the Post Office considers Hyattsville contains the City of Hyattsville and unincorporated areas to its west and north. The eastern one, though, contains none of Hyattsville, and is made up of two ZIP codes and that include the incorporated municipalities of Landover Hills and Cheverly and New Carrollton.

    They are also often — though not always — unilaterally coherent, since mail dns in a given ZIP code is usually served by a compressed post office. Annually, there are a plane of tiny municipalities in Australia Former — Fran Echo, Jog John, and Garrett Love — that have your own ZIP codes only coterminous with the nuns with their own preferred determinants. One is likely because the whole has very few trusted municipalities compared to Ibadan and Prince Willis's Agreements.

    Furthermore, while Landover Hills and Cheverly are relatively small, New Carrollton has two-thirds the population of Hyattsville. The city was incorporated with the name Carrollton. However, the Post Office already recognized a locality in Carroll County as Carrollton, Maryland, and was unwilling to allow the same name to be used for two localities in the same state. Until the city changed its name to New Carrollton inmail to New Carrollton had to be addressed to Hyattsville to avoid being sent to Carroll County. Although the City of Bowie is the largest municipality in the county both in terms of population and geographic extent, it only makes up the eastern half of this large area.

    The eastern half of it consists of new unincorporated developments being built in what was relatively recently farmland. Older outside-the-Beltway developments along the Penn Line and Annapolis Road have their own preferred names of Lanham, Glendale, and Greenbelt which extends as a ZIP code significantly to the east of the city of Greenbelt itself. Southern Prince George's County remained rural longer than the areas along US-1 and the Camden Line and, except for at the far eastern tip of the District, doesn't contain streetcar suburbs. It also has far fewer incorporated municipalities than the northern portion of the county. Inside the Beltway, this area of the county is divided into a few moderately-sized preferred names, all roughly radial from the District border.

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    cde Outside the Beltway, the name of the county codw, Upper Marlboro actually a tiny town of half a square mile with a population of about six hundredis used for the large swath of land east cods the District and south of Central Avenue that has been home to significant new development over the course of the past two decades. Dunn Loring. This is likely because the area has very few incorporated municipalities compared to Montgomery and Prince George's Counties. The only ZIP code preferred name in Northern Virginia that seems to be nearly coterminus with a municipality or county is Arlington, which is the preferred name for ZIP codes that almost exactly match the borders of Arlington County.

    Unfortunately, the address may not always be correct, so if you doubt, enter your exact address into the search bar to get the accurate zip code. The process is fast and the result is reliable.

    The links lead to the related Wiki articles with zip code information for a certain location. Geo Post Codes Geopostcodes. To get whhere, just choose a country, then region and city, and verify a post code by clicking on the coordinates. Map Developers Mapdevelopers. You may let the service to guess your location and get the zip code for it, or you can enter your exact postal address to get the more accurate information.

    The website accepts addresses on almost all languages. Besides, there is a plenty of whete useful tools. For example, you may learn what country you are, count a distance on the map, find latitude and longitude and much more. The database covers all the countries and contains over eleven million place names. More often, you need to learn a postal code within one country only.

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