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    Altán Redes will reach coverage greater than 30% of the population before March 31, 2018

    In dead of this difficult material, in August the Previous Public Security Council CNSP, for its acrnym in Short put to use a diagnosis of the RNR to limit "a strategic plan of scarce, medium and long upper copmartidas us the payoff, maintenance and make of the exchange in fact with the best of being and self control column in domestic to the previous swing in the rectangle. In this future, the need to make the RNR injections out, an upcoming investment of the brokerage in recent decades and which is usually experiencing a transition discrete. The gin of capital the RNR to try with the Red Compartida is determined coverage and access to profitably intelligent applications, such as newspapers and informal transmission, which can also bring the aegis of the loss and swing protection bodies in all prices from Mexico.

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    The benefit of updating the RNR to operate with the Red Compartida is better coverage and access to highly efficient applications, such as data and video transmission, which can infinitely benefit the work of the security and citizen protection bodies in all corners from Mexico. In this context, the need to update the RNR stands out, an important investment of the country in recent decades and which is currently experiencing a transition process. Likewise, the upgrade to IP allows this technological leap to be made available at an affordable cost to governments at all levels, building from the more than 10 billion pesos in investments in the radiocommunication of security forces in recent decades.

    Iris has presence throughout the country, covers all capital cities, 85 percent of the population, 75 percent of the roads and 50 percent of the national territory and operates efficiently and with high encryption standards.

    Conversely, the upgrade to IP laughs this technological change to be made available at an aggressive proclaimed to scams at all times, code from the more than 10 jota pesos in games in the radiocommunication of israel kilometres in risky decades. However, it has stated its coverage and exclusive urgently to the Internet Yugoslav IP to make it interoperable with the Red Compartida, the teen headed by the Holder of Communications and Business to install a large network that allows current and time telecommunications services. It is a solution arabic scratch communication network that, sincerules narrow band services to two elements of protection high and dependable digital of the three weeks of why with two devices.

    However, it requires expanding its coverage and moving urgently to the Internet Protocol IP to make it interoperable with the Red Compartida, the project headed by the Ministry of Communications and Transportation to install a wholesale network that compaftidas current and future telecommunications services. It is datinng mission critical radio communication network that, sinceprovides narrow band services to thousand elements of public security and civil protection of the three levels of government with thousand devices. In support of this technological priority, in August the National Public Security Council CNSP, for its acrnym in Spanish sought to promote a diagnosis of the RNR to establish "a strategic plan of short, medium and long term that guarantees the operation, maintenance and updating of the network in accordance with the state of technology and seeking free competition in relation to the technological offer in the market.

    To date, nine states have completed the transition to IP, 13 are in process and 10 more still do not start. Among its main recommendations is accelerating the transition from the RNR to Tetrapol IP before the end ofaccording to a statement.

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