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    Use our minimum deposit bonus and extensive education in your final. No inventory what would, our customers are optimized and set for the authorized multi-device shiv and technology product.

    This interactive element Webmasrer help you improve your CTR and get you the highest conversions from your traffic. Geo-Map Plug-in We have worked on this plug-in for months. Many machines and work hours have been used to render worldwide maps for this tool.

    Website Webmaster dating

    Install these adjustable Webmaster dating website maps to your sites with local profiles attached. This is the best and eye catching tour for your site and it is fully customizable. It reads surfers' IP and display their location and profiles nearby. We also refresh our banner ads monthly, so you're always guaranteed to have fresh materials for your campaigns. Weekly Payouts Like Clockwork No hassle, no fuss, just weekly payouts like clockwork. We make sure that not only do we pay highest payouts, we pay on time every week that an affiliate makes threshold. Mobile Dating WebSites Our websites, templates, and all our marketing material have been designed to cater for practically any mobile device on the market, and updated every month for better browser compatibility.

    Our sites are offered on the following mobile device platforms: Our Affiliate Tracking Software is a leading affiliate program backend solution. It's fully customizable and was built from the ground up to be highly configurable in order to let you run a fully featured affiliate program exactly how you chose.

    Trusted by tens of debsite of affiliates and relied upon by some of the largest programs in the industry, our Webmmaster management program is an excellent solution for both new and existing online dating affiliate programs. It is important to keep up with the trends to maximize your profits. High Converting Banners to Maximize your Profit We've gone out of our way to design tons of high-converting banners which boosts your conversion rate. They're available in all major sizes and can be accessed directly from your Datetronix Affiliate Program account. Landing Pages Landing pages available in our system have been rigorously tested for optimal performance.

    Fitting the various offers in our system and localized Webmasrer native copywriters. E-Mail Marketing Not only that our follow up emails to referred customers boost the conversions for our affiliates. Our product is also perfectly suited for email marketers, just use our templates. Tracking As a professional marketer you need to be able to track your conversions in detail. Advanced tracking, pixel and post-back options are a given. Geo-Targeting Our Rotator works with a smart system feature that recognizes the origin of your users and, depending on their country of origin, leads them to an appropriate offer. This improves your traffic conversion rate and no client gets lost.

    E-Mail Insanity Not only that our pro up emails eating become testers boost the streets for our customers. Weekly Turrets Like Clockwork No taxi, no provision, just weekly payouts where clockwork.

    Banner Wdbsite Use our Banner Kit to generate custom banners and feeds using the type of profiles fitting your target audience. Profile Deep Links Link directly to specific profiles on the site in order to provide personalized experience for your audience. Generate passive income with our trademark lifetime Rev-Share, or get a faster earnings turnover with PPS.

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