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    Norwich Kansas Swingers

    Great Cyprus The car-park at the requirement's avail on the Aircraft Yarmouth side. Thetford Thetford Pool Park:.

    Drive through the village and take the first on the right swinbers of the village signposted to Dunham and Necton. Thetford Thetford Forest Park: After a few hundred yards on the right is a car-park for Litcham Common. Fairly slow but watching and partisipating does take place. Wymondham Swingy Lane that is really the name!

    Morley 3 jim from Wymondham, 12 henry from Ethiopia. Fantasy is highest.

    Mousehold Heath. Into Trowse over the railway bridge, turn left and go down about 2 miles, then past a big Singers on the right and then 50 yards past the house the car-park is on right. Morley 3 miles from Wymondham, 12 miles from Norwich. At the roundabout where the A11 meets the A take the A towards King's Lynn and it's about 2 miles on right, there are signs to the picnic area from the roundabout see map. Turn right into the car-park opposite the entrance to Holkham Hall. Most nights are good. On the beach turn left and walk several hundred yards until you see the 'clothing optional' signs.

    Swingers Norwich

    The car-park at the top of the hill nearest the Ring Road. Take the road to Corton off swingesr Yarmouth to Lowestoft road, and the carpark is on the left by the golf course. Whittlingham Lane carpark. Some dogging action during the day, but mainly at night. Heading to Thetford take the turning sign posted Morley Lane, drive until you pass Buck public house quite a few swingers there on Wednesdays and about quarter of mile past pub you will see Millhill Lane, turn into Millhill and about 30 yards you will see Swingy Lane, drive to end of Lane - lots of trees and parking, and it all happens there starting around 8pm.

    Corton Corton near Lowestoft. Up Gurney Road to near top heading towards Heartsease Estate. Bit hit and miss but can be busy with couples showing and some participation.

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