• Can a teacher be fired for hookup a former student

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    But we cannot sit on our students' educations because we're trying to do teachers who have struggled inappropriately, on the columns that it's a "swift area. Financially, there can be mega-consequences:.

    Instead, they fall into the trap of talking to their students intimately as if they hpokup romantic interests, and thus potential sex objects. With just a screen and some charming language, in the privacy of their own homes, teachers might forget they are talking to confused, acne-plagued, shy teenagers from their classrooms. Perhaps they enjoy the distraction or attention or compliments they are receiving, becoming too easily seduced. Teachers seem to be finding themselves unable to separate their professions from their personal lives, a risk they should not be able to afford.

    Allow me to state this explicitly: I don't care if he or she never touched, or even intended to touch a student. I don't care if she was asking for it.

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    I don't care if he initiated it. The teacher has the responsibility as a figure of authority to end it before it begins, and to never propagate it. As a country, we need to ensure that our schools have a zero-tolerance policy for sexual harassment of any kind. Sasha said she jokingly told him she was upset he wasn't her cookie delivery. But furthermore, she felt it wasn't right. If you find yourself crushing on a professor, TA, or RA in college, check out your university's specific policy when it comes to these relationships. Additionally, Masini says these kind of "forbidden" relationships may have a fighting chance once you've graduated, or if your RA or TA is no longer in a position where they can wield power over you.

    Fully equip yourself with knowledge, and then proceed however you see fit.

    Tor that there's a chance it could work out — hey, it did for my parents! News of this relationship, even if technically legal, would be troubling to parents, teachers, community leaders and members of law enforcement. It is a very touchy area. You may have done nothing wrong in a technical sense. You were no longer the young man's teacher, and he had reached the age of consent, which varies state by state in the U. But you sense that you have crossed some line.

    The line may be technically blurry but in your heart it is quite clear: He said they became intimate after she wanted him to stay after class. He said that at the time, he was 17 and underage, and the teacher was in her twenties. A Reddit post from a former high school student details an affair between two of her teachers that took a turn for the worst really fast. Turns out they were having a affair and the woman's husband found out. Apparently, to retaliate, the teachers husband created a website with all the nude photos that the male teacher had sent to her. To make matters worse, a mass e-mail about the website was sent to the faculty.

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    Both of the teachers tsudent fired. In the post, he highlighted the top comments from a post about a female teacher who had become intimate with a 15 year-old student. The bottom line is, there is never an appropriate time to be intimate with someone who is underage, no matter what their gender is.

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