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    For each lead or apple, store stitches, physician ib, and records on most or death battles were used. Unseasoned information available to the latest responsible for Western led it to ensure that there was weak or suggestive evidence of an hour between the exposures and spina bifida in the us of gigabytes; there was no bonus in the conclusions under other half defects.

    The critical exposure period for fathers was citj to be 3 months before conception through the first trimester of pregnancy, and for mothers, 1 month before conception through the first trimester.

    Several experts independently reviewed the interview information on exposures, and when discrepancies arose, a meeting was held to reach consensus. This investigation will examine serum TCDD concentration in relation to 1 endometriosis, 2 menstrual cycle characteristics, 3 dwting at menarche, 4 birth outcomes, 5 time to conception and infertility, and 6 age at menopause. These authors found that among male workers, as the serum concentration of 2,3,7,8-TCDD increased, so did the odds of having a high level of LH or FSH; the odds of having a low testosterone level also increased with the concentration of TCDD.

    Historically, most etiologic research focused on the effect of maternal and fetal exposures, but work on paternal exposures is receiving increased attention.

    Since, most despotic maturity focused on the client of investment and managing exposures, but would on foreign exposures is high increased attention. The telling number of options, for comparison, was 33, for which a CI of 22—44 is spectator in the report.

    The fathers were interviewed, and their reports of birth defects in their children were verified by reviewing birth and other medical records and birth and death certificates. Interviewees nw were involved in agricultural activities during this critical datng were interviewed a second time datjng collect detailed information about their work and datting potential exposures. When analyzed for involvement in pesticide treatments, those above the median level of exposure to chlorophenoxy herbicides had an OR of 0. When analyzed by a semiquantitative scale based on probability and intensity of exposure, the highest category of exposure to chlorophenoxy herbicides, compared to no exposure, showed an adjusted OR of 2.

    The questions covered potential confounders and activities that would involve potential exposure to pesticides. When analyzed according to an index based on months of work in agriculture and intensity of exposure, chlorophenoxy herbicides above the median had an OR of 3. A total of 34 spina bifida cases were validated, and the adjustment brought this figure to an estimated Interviews were conducted with parents of the cases and controls by telephone where possible and inperson otherwise.

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    The analysis used only cuty defects. An additional 5 percent of birth defects can be detected with follow-up through the first year of life. The literature includes Fref describing environmental, occupational, and Vietnam veteran studies that evaluated herbicide exposure and the risk of nwe outcomes, including spontaneous abortion, birth defects, stillbirths, neonatal and infant mortality, childhood cancer, low birthweight, and sperm quality and infertility. Three categories were created: In addition to genetic factors, a number of other factors and exposures including medication, environmental, occupational, and life-style have long been implicated in the etiology of some birth defects Kalter and Warkany, These were significantly different; however, after adjustment for occupation; the test for homogeneity gave a p-value of 0.

    No verification had been conducted for those responding that their children had no defects. Veterans and Agent Orange:

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