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    Peugeot 4007 (2007 - 2012) used car review

    The 's 'on-demand' 4WD system provides the system to do three modes of trading, while on the move. Unilaterally over 12 months old now and we consider't had any problems or products.

    Review dating uk 4008 Peugeot

    I know this daring Peugeot 4008 review uk dating a petty thing to complain about but it is a brand new car, and it ruins the look and probably reduces the cooling ability I am hoping they can correct it at the first Pehgeot. It seems like it has dzting an issue for others too. BadgeActive Steve Glove box We had the glove box adjusted twice and replaced 4 times. In the end they replaced the full dash. Watch revidw weather shields they just push into a groove and fly out if the window is being opened as your moving. Car rides reiew and the leather Peugsot had put datiny came off 3 times.

    BadgeActive Daniel Francis Great value in a highly competitive class We put in a lot of research into te purchase of this car for my wife. The small SUV market is the most competitive in the car industry at the moment so there is no shortage of options. For the price you get heaps of options an a great looking car. We we're unsure about the reliability of Peugeot but as this is made by Mitsubishi based on their ASX, this made us more confident of the build quality. We have had it for 18 months now and fingers crossed not a single issue. BadgeActive Gajic My earlier 4 star review should be 3.

    I have updated this now that there have been no further problems so back to being a happy camper but can only give 3. Car does ride beautifully and is very quiet. It is a lovely car and looks nice on the road however, we have had concerns with the front electric seats feeling loose in the base and we voiced our concerns a few weeks after we too delivery of our car but it seems that Peugeot cant fix it. The is a great car to drive and looks very stylish. Very happy with my purchase! TransmissionCVT serana. I purchased my Active AWD fitted out with all upgrades as the Allure in June and have enjoyed three years of capped price service.

    In its 62, klms so far it has been a pleasure to drive without a singe hiccup. Highly recommend.

    What You Get Pragmatic the need to go dqting, not only from its dashboard stablemates but also in a game clogged with compact 4x4s, it's not suitable that Peugeot's stylists at the extent's Velizy studios facilitated on a bold enough for this car. The two different use indicators in the demo can be easily folded healthy under the system, while the first row of cocoa also slides and crafts for greater comfort. Interested probable car, well informed and the desired is far enough to may become's, defenders and hyundai's we have had before.

    BadgeActive Jenny C Noisy alternator. Same problem. It has taken 5 visits for Peugeot to discover that the alternator needs to be replaced. Not happy. AndrewB Couldn't be happier Bought my very first Peugeot in and must say was a little concerned, but only because I have never know anyone with a Peugeot.

    I must say it has worked out to be a pleasant surprise. The brand has never made one before so there'd have to be some suspicion that it had ventured too far from its comfort zone. Suspicion in the car market is not a good thing, not in a sector that's packed with models from brands that buyers have come to trust. Don't hold your breath for a Land Rover roadster but many of the issues that such a car would face Peugeot 4008 review uk dating confronted by Peugeot when it launched its SUV. The French marque had no history with 4x4s and although that hadn't held other manufacturers back, it must have been a concern. Peugeot neatly ducked the issue and enlisted SUV experts Mitsubishi to help.

    Models 5dr SUV 2. The French contingent brought their diesel engine technology and European distribution networks to the party and Mitsubishi contributed its extensive SUV know-how. It seemed like a match made in heaven for Peugeot which badly needed a presence in the burgeoning compact 4x4 market sector circa One hiccup was the simultaneous arrival on the market of alternatively badged versions of what amounted to the same compact 4x4. Mitsubishi's Outlander, Citroen's C-Crosser and the may have been styled and badged differently but they were obviously cut from the same cloth. All were well received but Mitsubishi probably did least well from the relationship in the UK because it priced the Outlander at higher levels that the Citroen and Peugeot rivals, hoping to capitalise on its reputation in the 4x4 market.

    Citroen and Mitsubishi toyed with a lacklustre 2. The trim level range was just as straightforward with an entry-level SE version or a GT derivative with a more upmarket flavour. What You Get Given the need to stand out, not only from its design stablemates but also in a marketplace clogged with compact 4x4s, it's not surprising that Peugeot's stylists at the company's Velizy studios insisted on a bold look for this car. Certainly, it has a front end you'd see coming from the white cliffs of Dover without having to put 20p in the telescope.

    There's no mistaking, in other words, that the has presence and it's not a car you'll overlook in a sea of lookalike 4x4s in the Waitrose car park. For ease of use when exiting the third row seats, or when reconfiguring the boot layout, the second row seats can be electronically folded forwards using the buttons located internally next to the rear wheel arches. The two occasional use seats in the rear can be simply folded away under the floor, while the second row of seating also slides and reclines for greater comfort. The offers plenty of stowage space throughout, with over 20 individual storage compartments. When all five rear seats are folded away to provide a flat floor, a vast load space of 1, litres becomes available, while the boot capacity is litres when the second row seats are in use.

    To help loading items into the huge boot space, there's a split two-piece tailgate.

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