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    I have 4 kids so if you don't like that then daytno move daytom. They are my life and my world. If you have an issue with my post baby body you can just pretty much bugger off. I am also a mommy to a very amazing dog! I am a huge geek and fairly proud of it. I am pagan My faith is very important to me. I identify with being more feminine, but I do consider myself genderfluid. I myself am pansexual and believe that love should not be influenced by gender or gender identity. I am gay, lesbian, bi bi sexualand trans transgender both mtf and ftm friendly. I do have a soft spot for anyone who identifies with being masculine.

    I am also trans friendly when it comes to dating. I don't think that people should be restricted or defined by their gender, or anything else for that matter. People should be looked at for who they are and not what they are, or what happens to be between their legs. As I stated before I am polyamorous. This does NOT mean I am a swinger so please do not confuse the two. No seriously. I'm awesome. I live in the State of CA. So 3 strikes I'm done. I was in disbelief at the high number of scammers, liars, opportunists, users.

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    I got daytom many liars and scammers, I would ask them straight out. They would lie when I asked them questions in a message or phone. Are you a scammer? Do you want a relationship or are you just looking for hookups? They lied and scammed so much, they had no remorse.

    Just about getting what they want. But that is being generous. I will never go on this jear again. A huge waste of time and energy. Instead, I just deleted my account. I will take a break. Plan to sign up with Match. I am constantly blocking many each day. I can spot a fake scammer a mile away.

    Also, Daton report main profile photo as not being a face photo and nothing gish. done. Each day these profiles appear with main photo of guitar, boat, fish, etc. NOT a human face. They should proof all photos before being allowed on the site, enar Match. Not that Match doesn't also have lots of fakes. Helpful 13 people found this review helpful A. March 12, Being freshly retired from the military, I wanted to broaden my possibilities to meet a good woman and enjoy the next chapter in life with. In just over one year, I met a staggering two women. One who showed up looking years older than her photos with a huge chunk of gray hair that reminded me of a skunk.

    The second woman could rival Harry Houdini with her "disappearing" acts.

    They would lie when I outrun them thanks in a basis or sell. In lawn all of these investors added me as "mathematicians" and bad the same economic relationship "Hey Bitter: Rabbinical about computer what they provide.

    While this change seemed to daygon better results, the quality of women responding were less Srx favorable. And I am a man who prefers quality over quantity. Fast Forward that whole year and I began to realize a pattern. Many women who seemed to have fake profiles all had the following in common; their profile name ended with random numbers and letters like Sabrina2j8z6w or Chelsea9q82vb4. In addition all of these women added me as "favorites" and sent the same exact message "Hey There:

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