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    He may not be required to appear for the naturalization tests, to get a certificate of citizenship. Through the legal process, naturalization, a foreign national can obtain US citizenship. Form N must be filed by the person who wants to become a US citizen. Before that, the person who seeks to become a US citizen must be a Green Card holder.

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    He will be considered eligible for US citizenship only if he satisfies some eligibility requirements. The permanent resident who wishes to become a US citizen must file the application for naturalization and then he must appear for an interview. The interview is considered to be more important as the Green Card holder will have to take the English and the civics tests. After the application is approved and if the applicant is found to be eligible for US citizenship, he will be required to take the Oath of Allegiance to America, at the naturalization ceremony.

    Then he will be granted a naturalization certificate and he may use that document to prove that he is a citizen of the country and he may not be required to hold the Green Card after that. Remember that only the naturalized US citizens will be granted naturalization certificates. Holders of both the certificates will be granted US citizenship rights including the right to vote and they can also obtain US passports. While I had no issues with the basic ergonomics, it is quite clear that the dashboard design is dating badly.

    While the top half of the dashboard is uncluttered, Pajefo bottom splrt is rather cluttered with an excess of switches. The circular vents do make things a little funky. While the fit and finish is pretty good, the quality of materials are very similar to what one would find in a Hyundai Verna or Elantra. At this price point, one is looking for something special and in this area, the Koleos sadly does not match up. The top part of the dashboard is softly padded, but the bottom part has a lot of hard plastic which looks downmarket. The plastic wood inlay on the console, coupled with the faux carbon fibre console surround, is a bit of a mismatch.

    The central console is rather busy, although the climate control is easy to use for basic functions. Travelling in 37 degree C, the climate control was only effective at its lowest setting. We tried to keep it at an ambient 24, but it was not effective. The steering wheel is nicely shaped and circumference thickness is shaped for the 10 to 3 position.

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    Renault's complex cruise control switches are located on the bangslore. The display on top of the console shows what music is playing, source of the music, which phone is connected, time and outside temperature. Located below the climate control switches is the much vaunted Bose 5 speaker stereo. The sound was quite tight if a little bass oriented, and it was excellent when playing some Sting numbers.

    Some people might bangalord this car for the system alone! Again, the controls are poorly executed and one needs to be Pajedo to make slort required adjustments. Like all Renault cars, the essential volume and basic selection controls are next to the steering column. This has three positions, Eco 2WD which limits drive to the front wheels only, Auto which engages the rear wheels when slip is detected and permanent 4WD where the differential is locked. The keycard slot is under these controls if you decide to use it. On the driver's side are the controls for dashboard lighting, headlight leveling, stability control and parking sensors.

    Both the front driver and passenger had more than sufficient leg room. The pedal spacing as also the dead pedal are well thought out. The instruments are very simple but clear.

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