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    Jealousy tends to be a huge problem when there is obsession in a relationship. Ohokup! little jealousy every dafe in a while is perfectly signa, but it can quickly become a problem for those who are obsessed with the person they are with. They Keep You Away from People You Are Close to If the person you are dating tries to keep you from your friends and family not physically of coursethey are probably in the grips of obsession. No healthy or normal person who is in love with someone would try to keep them from seeing other people who mean a lot to them. They Constant Accuse You of Cheating A lot of people who are in a relationship with an obsessed person get accused of cheating over and over without even the slightest shred of proof.

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    It can be annoying at first, but after a while it becomes a relationship killer. You Get Criticized by them Often If you find that someone you are seeing romantically criticizes you for small things a lot, it might be a classic stalked. of obsession. They Tell You They Will Never Let You Go Perhaps one of the more worrisome signs of obsession in a relationship is when you get told by your significant other that they will never let you go no matter what. While this could technically be true, it is doubtful. They stop by unannounced, and they often do it when you already told them you had plans.

    The dropping-by-unannounced behavior is one that makes targets the most nervous. Often, your logic goes like this: Sign 5: Stalkers want to have you all to themselves.

    If your date tries any of these behaviors with you: Always alert your stalkdr., friends, and family if you start dating someone who has somehow made you a little stalked. A call to the police station or going to the nearest station yourself can help bring you much needed emotional support, and police can provide you with resources and tips specific to your scary situation. About the Author: Seth is a licensed clinical psychologist, author, Psychology Today blogger, and TV guest expert. He practices in Los Angeles and treats a wide range of issues and disorders and specializes in relationships, parenting, and addiction.

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    A photo posted by Janey Asher janemeredith There are way too many signss pics Posting your food is like a staple of Instagram. However, if someone is posting an absurd number of food pics in restaurants, then something is up. Food critic? Girl who habitually goes on first dates to get a free trip to a nice restaurant every night of the week? Guy who's taking a different girl out to a restaurant every night of the week?

    Also possibly. A steady sprinkling of food pics is fine, but if the flow is overwhelming everything else, it should give you pause. A photo posted by Sarah smileforsarah There are way too many food pics Being available for heavy, boozy, midday meals four times a week is not something to brag about. Popping a bottle for a special occasion is fine -- making a habit of doing so on a consistent basis, and feeling the need to show it off, is an entirely different story. This kind of person is probably fun to meet up with at a club, but is not exactly the type of person you can get into a relationship and watch Netflix with.

    Loud, expensive clubs get pretty old pretty quickly, and I really like sweatpants and soup.

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