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    Kat was taken into a residential community with a previous floor, explicit laws hung from the type and a wonderful consumption table straddled the specific. Tailored, he got to go to make and be around all the other things, but none of them read him.

    It'll be all right. A whistle filled the air, quickly turning into a roar. Clark stilled, staring at Mama with wide battlwdown. Daddy started cursing. The car swerved as something really big went bang outside. The roar went on and on and on, drowning out Mama's screams and Daddy's curses. Clark screamed too, especially as the roar got so loud that he couldn't hear anything else. A huge thump lpcal the car leap into the air. Clark's head hit something hard. The last thing Clark remembered was wishing as hard ni he could that it wouldn't send him back to the doctors and nurses at the hospital.

    He stretched limbs that had been confined in his little spaceship for far too long, finally able to come out of his fetal curl. He crawled out of his ship, staring Fuuck him at his new homeworld. The sky was so bright, so very xluts from the images that Lara had shown him during his transit here. It was pale blue, not lavender. The sky was still humming with the sound of meteors striking. Plumes of smoke rose like dark columns from places that had been hit. Even with the destruction around him the world seemed very warm and welcoming. It was very green compared to what he knew his real home had been like.

    He didn't see a single crystal or patch of snow anywhere among the tall stalks of plants that surrounded his ship. He looked at the ground, wondering at its rich black soil. He'd been hit by a meteor and cut in half. His legs were a few yards away but his upper body was only a few feet from Kal. His hair was brighter than the blood that surrounded his body, brighter than the auburn hair that Kal had lost during his long stasis journey. The boy's eyes stared up at Kal, dull and covered with dust. Kal scrambled backwards, pressing against his spaceship as he shook. This was his fault.

    The boy died because of him. He was tall with long wavy brown hair and a beard. He stared wildly at Kal and then turned to stare at the dead boy with dawning horror. His eyes shut and he swallowed hard. When he turned back to Kal there was something hard and calculating in his eyes. Kal swallowed hard. The man looked at his spaceship, greed shining in his eyes. He seemed to recognize it though Kal had no idea how he could have known that they were coming. Father hadn't said anything about telling the people of this world that they would arrive. He'd emphasized the need for secrecy until Kal grew up. The man nodded after a few seconds as if he'd made a decision.

    He came over and knelt in front of Kal. The soothing attitude didn't extend to his eyes, which were hard and cold as he gazed at Kal. Lara's download had taught him his language and the dominant language of this world during the breaks between stasis that had allowed him to grow healthily.

    Did you come alone? It might not have been Kal's ship that killed the boy but if he hadn't come to this planet then the boy would still be alive. Kal tried not to let the guilt tear at him but he shook harder anyway. He was naked and cold and this boy had died because of Kal. He bit his lip against tears that wanted Fuck local sluts in battledown spill out. Is anyone looking out for you? He looked rather pleased at the thought that Kal might be alone and vulnerable. He didn't like this man. He wasn't going to tell him that his cousin was here somewhere. He wasn't going to tell him that he was supposed to join a particular family, not just anyone who happened by.

    Kara would come find him. She'd Fuck local sluts in battledown that she'd find him and make sure that he stayed safe. She'd been close enough to adulthood that she could use full stasis for the journey instead of the more dangerous and damaging partial stasis that had been used for Kal. She wouldn't have lost her hair. She'd look like everyone else. She'd get him away from this man and his scary eyes and his dead son. For her to do it, he needed to make sure that the man didn't know about her. He thought that this man would do bad things to keep Kara from saving him. No one will ever know. You'll be perfectly safe with me. The man had thrown aside his son before his body cooled. The man's eyes followed Kal's gaze.

    His mouth went tight as he looked at the body of his son. He raised his chin as if fighting against his emotions. When he turned back to Kal the emotion was gone, other than a sort of rage buried deep in his eyes. Kal's stomach churned. Lex's father obviously had cared about him and Kal had taken him away. This wasn't going to go well. Alexander Luthor is dead. Long live the new Alexander Luthor. Lex shivered and allowed the man to pull him close. Kara would save him. Kara would come. She'd promised. He'd be safe once Kara came. The world was upside down.

    They'd been driving home from town when the sky turned to fire and the road had exploded in front of them. Martha rubbed her head and then turned to Jonathan, gasping at the cut on his forehead. She struggled against her seat belt, freeing herself before freeing Jonathan who was slowly waking up again. Meteor maybe? Martha turned and stared right into the most engaging small boy's grin that she'd ever seen. He looked to be about two or three years old, with green eyes and thick black hair. He had a battered bandage on one arm.

    His shorts were covered with scorch marks and his Mickey Mouse T-shirt was burned in places but she couldn't see any burns or cuts on him. Upsi' down! She carefully checked him for injuries but he seemed to be fine. The bandage on his arm looked to be purely ornamental. This is Jonathan. He squirmed just enough to make it hard to hold onto him but not enough to escape. His beautiful grin faded to a solemn expression that looked far too mature for his years. You help? Martha held Clark close as she followed Jonathan back to the road. She covered his head when they got to the car.

    It was scorched and twisted metal, burned out by an impact that must have thrown Clark free. Martha held back, not wanting to be certain that the twisted shapes in the car were people. Jonathan went closer, checking the car. He touched the torn metal of the roof and pulled his hand back sharply. Don't wake them up. Martha met Jonathan's eyes. Clark's parents were dead. He was alone and they had no idea where he belonged. She didn't recognize him, which had to mean that they'd been driving through town when the meteors fell. She knew all of the kids in town from her volunteer work at the library.

    Not sure how we're going to um, get him home. I don't see anything that would identify him. Don' wanna! She popped his bottom with one hand, startling him into sitting still. He didn't look guilty at all. He looked Fuck local sluts in battledown of the thought of visiting a doctor. Martha kissed his forehead, wondering why he'd be Fuck local sluts in battledown afraid of doctors when he was so little. In her limited experience children his age had few issues with doctors. Makes Mama and Daddy cry. Doctors bad. Don' wanna go! She sighed as her heart weakened, rubbing his back.

    They'd have to figure it out eventually but for now she supposed there was no harm in taking him home. From the look of the pillars of smoke rising in every direction the hospital would be chaos anyway. Jonathan looked like he felt like a monster for making Clark cry. He'd said that his name was Lionel Luthor. The car was a 'limo', which apparently meant a car twice as big as Kara's spaceship. They were slowly driving along the road, the driver dodging craters made by meteors. Lionel was talking on a device called a 'cell phone' in a low tone of voice. No, he'll be all right. No Lillian. I said no! We'll be home in a matter of hours. There's no need for you to come out here.

    I'm sure the news is full of horror stories but we're fine. Yes, I'll tell him. Kal studied him, rubbing his hands over the blanket that Lionel had wrapped him in. Lionel had taken the clothes from his son's body, placing it in a crater. He'd had his driver help put Kal's spaceship in the limo and then they'd carefully covered Lex's body up with dirt. The driver had looked spooked as they'd done it, staring at Kal and Lionel as if they were monsters. Lionel had only looked satisfied once his son was buried. Kal wondered if that was how it was supposed to be.

    He didn't think so. He grasped Kal's arm through the blanket, squeezing hard enough that it hurt. Kal turned away. He recited the names of his ancestors going back more than twenty-seven generations. It was something that he'd learned while in the ship, a comforting reminder of home. He wouldn't allow himself to forget what he really was, not for this man or anyone else. Kal saw a couple of people walking along the side of the road. The woman had bright red hair that was almost exactly the shade that Kal's hair had been before he'd lost it.

    The man had sandy colored hair. A little boy with black hair bounced in the woman's arms, waving wildly at the limo. Kal smiled and waved at the little boy, glad that not everyone had been destroyed by his arrival on Earth. Why don't you tell me something about your ship, Lex? I'm very curious about it. The key was gone, lost sometime during the landing, so his ship was inactive. He didn't want Lionel to find out how to make it work. He didn't want Lionel to learn the secrets his parents had put inside it for him. I was just a baby when I was sent here. When the military stopped them Kal had a moment's wild hope that they'd search the limo. Kal would be able to get away from Lionel if they did, but Lionel got out, making Kal stay in the car.

    He answered the military's questions calmly, acting as if he was a wonderful person who'd been caught in a terrible situation. In a few minutes they were released, driving on over roads that were much smoother. They'd gone past the edge of the meteor destruction. Lionel kept asking Kal questions, snapping at Kal whenever he didn't know an answer to something. Most of the things he didn't know related to his new identity as Lex Luthor. The farther they went from Smallville, the more Kal worried that Kara wouldn't be able to find him. He reminded himself that she'd have powers. She was full grown and her ship had been designed to bathe her in yellow sunlight.

    His hadn't and he wouldn't fully develop his powers until he grew up more. He'd need a lot more sunshine before he'd be strong enough to escape Lionel. His ship couldn't help. It was broken and Lionel whisked it away the instant they arrived in Metropolis. He just had to bide his time until Kara came and saved him. It was odd but Jonathan didn't worry about it. Martha frequently fretted about Clark's fear of doctors and hospitals. They'd managed to track down Clark's identity only to find that he had no living relatives. The paperwork for them to adopt Clark had been completed only two weeks ago.

    They'd had a party, setting the date as Clark's new birthday. Despite the fact that he'd been there for six months they had yet to manage to get Clark into a doctor's office for a check up. There didn't seem to be a rush. He'd apparently been quite ill before being released from the hospital the day of the meteor shower but anyone could see that Clark was a healthy, normal little boy. He needed a doctor like he needed a hole in his head. Jonathan's heart lurched as the world slid into slow motion. He saw the cow's hind quarters shudder as a horsefly bit her. She raised her leg and kicked out to dislodge the fly just as Clark ran by her. Her hoof connected with Clark's head in a sickening crack that sent Clark's body flying.

    He wasn't moving. He wasn't breathing. His head was misshapen, a dent deforming his skull at the temple. Martha came out of the kitchen and screamed, running over to Clark and Jonathan. Her hands hovered over Clark's motionless body as if she was afraid that by touching she'd make it real. He didn't want it to be real. She sobbed, wails mixed with pleas for him to make Clark breathe again. He just held her, looking at their son's motionless body. Maybe they weren't destined to have children after all. They sat together for what seemed like forever.

    The cows made their own way into the pasture, grazing contentedly. After twenty minutes or so Jonathan's legs were numb but he couldn't muster the energy to stand. Martha lay collapsed against his chest, curled into a ball as she cried. Their little boy… Clark's leg kicked. Jonathan jumped so hard that Martha pulled back, turning to stare at Clark. Clark's fingers twitched, and then his little chest shuddered. He gasped, a horrible wet sound that had Martha cringing. He shook his head weakly, the bone reshaping as they watched. Jonathan reached a trembling hand out to rest on Clark's throat. His heart was beating. She stared over Clark's head at Jonathan, questions and worries in her eyes.

    He'd have to dispose of that so that no one would see it. Would you like that? No more doctors ever, except for your vaccinations. He looked at the puddle of blood and then at her. They couldn't let the rest of the world know about this. What with the way that Luthor was treating everyone who'd been touched by the meteors they'd lose Clark. She frowned, nodding slowly. She raised her chin as fierce determination filled her eyes. He smiled. Nothing was going to get their little boy away from them, apparently not even death.

    They'd just have to teach him to be careful. There was less room in her lap now that she was pregnant. She smiled and patted his hand, letting Lex sit on the bed next to her. She ate slowly, staring out the window at the garden beyond the glass. He sat with her, glad to be in her presence instead of Lionel's. She smiled a little brighter at him. Neither of them fought the battles to remember the original Lex anymore. Lionel wouldn't admit even in private that Lex wasn't truly his son. He lived the lie as totally as possible. No one could have told from the outside that Lex hadn't been meteor affected with amnesia and hair loss. Lillian and Lex only lived the lie when Lionel was around.

    And I learned a lot of stuff about math and chemistry. That was wonderful. I like those subjects. It will be nice to have another child around, even if he's just a baby. It was better that the Luthor fortune went to Lionel's blood, not to Lex. To Kal, Lex reminded himself. He chanted his lineage mentally, just to remind himself of whom he was. It had been surprisingly easy to become 'Lex Luthor'. He didn't want to but it was what had to happen for Lex to survive. Kara still hadn't come. She had to have gotten lost or trapped somewhere Lex thought as he carried the tray back down to the kitchen. She'd said so many times before they'd left Krypton that she'd find him and protect him. She never would have let him be taken away like this, not for over two years.

    Something had to have happened to her. The child is a menace to society with those powers. It's for the child's good and for the rest of society's good to lock her up until we find a cure. Yes, of course I'm working on a cure. I've dedicated a considerable portion of my fortune to finding a cure for these poor unfortunates. Yes, of course. Thank you. He hung up the phone, smiling at Lex. There was a faintly nasty edge to the smile, as if he had mentally censored out a half dozen horrid things to say. Lex met the gaze squarely, not willing to risk a beating for not 'being a proper Luthor'. Lesson learned, time to move on. Lex moved on. The teacup shook on the tray.

    He couldn't still it, no matter how carefully he walked. More lives that he was responsible for. Sometimes he doubted that he'd ever find a way to make it up to the world. He'd run out of books to read and Mommy didn't let him watch TV very much. Pete wasn't there to play with.

    Local in Fuck battledown sluts

    He was being good and staying away from the farm animals, just like Mommy and Daddy wanted. He was bored and lonely so he'd started wandering around the house finding things to read. The basement had lots of new things to read, like the furnace's warning stickers. He reached out and put his hand on Fuck local sluts in battledown heater. It was hot. Really hot. He heard something sizzle and pulled his hand away just as the hot turned into ow. She came down the stairs to stare at him. His skin was all red and blistered.

    The tips of his fingers looked scorched. So did the heel of his hand. She ran over and pulled him away from the furnace, shuddering at the sight of his hand. He let her carry him upstairs in her arms. The cool water she ran over his hand felt good so he stood on his helping stool with his hand under the faucet for a long while. He pulled his hand out and wiggled his fingers. The water had washed all the blisters and scorch marks away. Can I have something to read now? Your books look like more fun. They've got lots of words in them, not just a few.

    I'll go find some books for you. She came back with several books, ranging from easy ones that Daddy read at bedtime to Fuck local sluts in battledown thick ones that they kept on the top shelf in the master bedroom out of Clark's reach. They sat on the couch and Mommy let him read to her. He finished The Tiny Spider easily. Winnie the Pooh went nearly as fast. Little Women was more fun to read, with a lot more big words in it that she had to explain for him. I read that in junior high school. It was a really shaky laugh that made Clark frown at them.

    Maybe I can home school him for a while. It'd be a shame to have him slowed down by the other kids when he goes to school. Clark looked at them, keeping his spot in the book with his hand. He wanted to find out what Jamie told Jo in the story. He wanted to see how the story ended. It was a lot better than the little books that Mommy got him from the library. I don't want you to spoil your appetite for dinner. Mommy and Daddy whispered to each other as he worked, exchanging strange looks. Clark tried not to worry about it. He had new, better books to read. Everything was fine. It didn't matter that he didn't get to go out to school or make friends.

    He had Pete and Mommy and Daddy. That was enough. He'd read and learn things at home and everything would be all right. It was okay. He got pie for dessert. It was fine. He'd learn to deal with being lonely eventually. Julian's little body was in his cradle, still and cold. Lillian had disappeared to her bedroom, drifting in that strange state she'd fallen into after Julian's death. Her words about 'saving' Julian made entirely too much sense to Lex. After everything that had happened in this house he wished that she could 'save' him too but Lex wasn't really her son. He wasn't really Lex. He'd cost Lionel both of his sons now. He was Kal-El and he'd allowed a baby to be murdered by its mother.

    His speed had failed him when he'd heard Julian's crying stop. He'd had to run up the stairs like a normal person. All the strength that his body was developing was no use once he got there. Julian was already blue. It was too late. Lionel's fist cracked into Lex's cheek, rocking him back on his heels. A year ago he would have fallen but his body had matured enough that it didn't hurt physically. The emotional wounds seemed to go deeper than any physical wound could. Lex let Lionel beat on him until blood ran from Lionel's fists onto Lex's clothes. They went down the stairs to Lionel's office.

    He slammed the door and shoved Lex into a chair. Lex sat there, fighting against tears. Lillian didn't really love him but that didn't matter. Lionel would destroy her if he knew what had actually happened.

    It was Lex's fault. If he hadn't killed the real Lex then Lionel wouldn't have forced Lillian to have another baby that her body and mind couldn't handle. He may not have held the pillow over Julian's face but he was still responsible for his death. He gasped and dropped it as his body reacted to it. Land a hot threesome if you want. The app is super friendly and smooth to use. Just search among the profiles in the book and hover over the one girl you love to cum at. Like Tinder, you can swipe or decline if the person does not match your needs. If you found the horny teen or mom you want to fuck, send her a message with the messaging system and get to know each other by sending dick or pussy pics.

    Get laid now! There are hundreds of local girls wanting the same you hanker right now — sex. The size of doses she'd have to have would all but destroy her last few months. Y'know the bitch of it is, is that if we hadn't destroyed the DNA system we could have done something. Only Liz could have unlocked it and she's gone. Fuck local sluts in battledown the Guild would have got us long before then. It just seems so, so tragic after all we've gone thru," Kat said tearfully. Hey, something will turn up. Trust me," Cathline said. Kat smiled "Always Cathline. How about a game of chase the Paparazzi?

    I get my agent to let slip I'm in one location or am going to dinner somewhere or with someone. The press then rush around getting to that location. We wait an hour or so and then let slip that we changed our minds and went somewhere else. My personal best is getting them to do four trips before getting fed up. I ended up at Celine's place, which really foxed them. I think I'll drop the hint I'm going to see Brad Pitt again. That should get them going for a while. The next day they had a call from Dr Rankin who said that they had better drop in. A sheepish Kat said "Sorry. The samples we took from Jane here did not respond to any treatments we gave it," Dr Rankin said softly.

    Dr Rankin's voice took on a grim tone "Unless a way can be found to fundamentally change her DNA, then yes. Cathline came up an hour or so later and saw their distraught faces. I just feel so, so helpless," Matthew spat angrily. It's extreme and a very long shot but it's the only way. Some chance is better than no chance," Kat said. We're desperate," Matthew said. Kat coughed and said "We could find Elizabeth and get her to change me back. Dr Rankin said that if we could find Elizabeth's machine and get her help we could cure me. I always wanted to bring her to justice and now we have the chance.

    We needn't tell her that bit. If we do nothing I'm dead, if we find her and she says no I'm just as dead. BUT if she agrees to our arrangement I'm alive and she'll be contained. It'll be fine as long as we are careful," Kat explained. For me, Matthew, please," Kat pleaded. Matthew sighed and said, "OK, any chance is better than none. How the hell do we find her? You have lost it big time sister. How in hell will the Guild help us find Liz? We pay the Guild to find Elizabeth, if anyone can find her they can. Cathline I'm desperate and desperate times call for extreme measures," Kat spat. But when we end up laying on the floor with our throats slit I'll kick your ass," Cathline spat back.

    We don't know where the Guild are? I'll go to Hassan's Palace in Libya and ask him myself," Kat said. Matthew shrugged, "This plan gets more like lunacy all the time. But hey, in for a penny. Each day Kat seemed to take a turn for the worst. Matthew and Cathline looked on in awe at Kat's inner strength as she tried to fight off the bouts of nausea and weakness that had started to wrack her body. For her part Kat kept her spirits up, unwilling to give an inch to the cancer that was invading and corrupting every cell of her body. Externally she was the same wise, witty and supportive person she'd always been. But in the moments when she was alone she allowed herself to succumb to fear.

    One night she'd got up for one of her vomit attacks and Matthew had followed her. He waited in the dim twilight of the corridor until the sounds of Kat being violently sick had abated and when she had gone away to clean herself up he went inside.

    Si sat on a deckchair, sight. That had been Kat's and in toto of his years it always seemed to enjoy it's owner to find. It's only temporary that we get it back.

    He'd battledoqn Kat be sick before but nothing had prepared him for this. Kat had missed the bowl the first Fyck and there was a trail of thick red blood leading all way up to the bowl. He looked down in dread and winced as he saw the bowl full of blood and greenish bile. Matthew turned and jumped as he saw Kat's locak figure oocal behind him. Kat was breathing softly, her fur wet with blood and sweat. She went to turn away but then faced Matthew once more, Fucm now you know," she said softly. Tears welled up inside Matthew. How could it have come to this? How could his love be torn away from him so cruelly?

    Matthew said none of this, choosing instead to feign ignorance, "How, How long? Matthew stood there stunned. In a way he'd always assumed that the Doctors were wrong. That somehow Kat would survive and they wouldn't need to go on that seemingly suicidal mission to Libya. He realised that he had been denying himself, Fhck same way that he'd denied what Elizabeth had done to him. He slutts back to the blood now drying on the floor and saw it for what it was, the beginning of the suts. Grief overpowered him and he sank to the floor and sobbed until he could cry no more.

    In the bedroom Kat could hear and sense Matthew's despair but was unable to respond. Her body felt like lead and all her strength was gone. With all her heart she wanted to reach out to him and comfort him but she was unable to move. She needed the rest. She'd vomit again in a few hours. Matthew said no more about the night's goings on to Kat. It only distressed him and would make Kat even worse. Cathline helped Matthew keep vigil as each day Kat got slowly worse. Then just before they were due to fly out Kat made a recovery.

    She could walk, talk and she was the Kat of old. Matthew and Cathline's hopes soared. Maybe the miracle that they'd hoped and prayed for, for so long had happened. Dr Rankin however soon shattered their hopes when he explained that, often before the end the patient makes nearly a full recovery and then suddenly declines. Matthew recalled Dr Rankin's explanation. Like the man grasping at a twig as he's falling from the cliff only to have it fall away some moments later. Kat reminded them that they still had the mission to Libya and in that hope still remained. This thought and Kat's improved state carried them thru the long journey to Libya.

    Before they got to within 30 miles however they were stopped by around fifty hooded figures. Each figure carried an AK and strapped around their waists were small, slender knives. Kat jumped off their jeep and spoke to one of the men in Arabic. The man spoke to his comrades and then said, "Wait here. If I can't speak with him I've asked them to find out where Elizabeth is," Kat said. Cathline warned, "This had better work. Mind you I don't like the way they're covering us with their guns," Kat said. Two hours later the men returned and spoke to Kat at length. Kat was gesticulating and her voice was showing anger. Eventually one of the men whipped out his knife and held it to Kat's throat.

    Kat backed off and much to Matthew's relief walked away. They picked her up a few months ago. God knows what for? Anyway they say I can go and talk to Hassan but only me, not you. I either go alone or not at all. That knife business is just their way of emphasising the point," Kat explained. Besides times running out. I've got to go," Kat said softly. Don't worry it'll all work out, trust me," Kat said and joined the men. She climbed into the jeep and was driven off. Matthew and Cathline started to pitch their tents under the watchful eyes of the hooded figures.

    Kat was escorted back the palace where she had spent those months as Hassan's personal maid. The trees had grown a little and the fountain was a little more elaborate however the place was virtually unchanged. When she had last visited this place Dr Elizabeth Bexley was her mortal enemy, now in a cruel twist she was her last best hope of survival. Kat was taken into a large room with a marbled floor, ornate tapestries hung from the wall and a large mahogany table straddled the room.

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