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    While Virginia Company adventurers starved to death on the James River and Massachusetts Bay colonists subsisted in rude huts clustered around a single narrow church, Brazilian cities like Salvador and Olinda thrived with paved streets, walls and houses of stone, and high cathedrals gilt with gold. An extraordinary ability to enjoy life may be the one and only thing they have in common. Friends, and especially family, are what matter, plus beer and a beach, bar, or soccer stadium in which to enjoy it all. Inflation is manageable, crime is decreasing, and the army is safely back in the barracks where it belongs. The cash crop of the 16th century, it grew well in the tropical climate of northeast Brazil.

    Salvador, the new capital, was soon surrounded by rapidly expanding plantations of sugar cane. Turning that cane into sugar, however, was backbreaking work, and the Portuguese were critically devoid of labor. Short of enslavement also frequently attemptedlocal Indians were uninterested in the repetitive drudgery of cutting cane. In any case, disease had ripped through indigenous peoples, sending their population on a downward spiral. So the Portuguese began to import slaves, captured or bought in West Africa. Cabral tarried only briefly on the coast, but the reports he sent back were encouraging enough for other captains to set out.

    In particular, what the Europeans were after was pau-brasil, a type of wood that could be processed to yield a rich red dye. Coastal Indians were induced to cut and sell timber in return for metal implements such as axes. It was an efficient system, so much so that within a little over a generation the trees—which by then had given their name to the country—were all but nonexistent.

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    A few of lookingg newly arriving captains managed to establish themselves by forging alliances with local Indian tribes. Mostly, however, the Portuguese arrivals generated hostility. Many of the new settlements were burned out and destroyed, the would-be settlers killed. Perhaps agl captaincies only lasting effect was on the political map—the borders of many Brazilian states still reflect the boundaries laid fog for those first 15 captaincies. Establishing viable colonies in Brazil, however, was going to require the sort of armed force only a king could provide. Some archaeologists claim canoe-based cultures might have paddled their way down the coasts; others suggest seafaring peoples could have made lkoking journey from Africa.

    The date of first arrival now varies from 10, to as far back as 30, years ago. However and whenever they first arrived, by the year a. Within a few decades, colonial cities such as Salvador and Olinda were fabulously rich. In a Dutch expedition conquered and briefly occupied the Brazilian capital of Salvador, leaving a year later after a combined Portuguese-Spanish fleet counterattacked. The next year the Dutch were back, burning Olinda to the ground, taking control of Pernambuco and establishing their own capital city of Recife. Under the leadership of Maurits van Nassau, Dutch Brazil was soon a thriving colony, exporting ever-larger quantities of sugar. When internal politicking forced Nassau out of the colony inhowever, Dutch fortunes began to wane.

    A rebellion of the local Portuguese planters, followed by renewed attacks from Portugal, finally forced the surrender of Dutch forces in Never again would another European power successfully challenge Portuguese control of the country. Free of external threat, the settlers turned their attention inland. Small expeditions of Brazilian adventures—called bandeirantes because they often carried the royal flag—began exploring westward seeking gold, minerals, or other treasure. Gold and diamonds were soon uncovered in what would later be the state of Minas Gerais, followed by further gold strikes farther west in Mato Grosso.

    The resulting flood of miners and other settlers gave effective control of the interior to Portugal—a fact recognized by the Treaty of Madrid, which gave the entire Amazon basin and those lands east of the Rio Prata to Brazil. Info, www. KBSC, www. June 15, July 13 — Summer MPYC, www.

    June — Opti Heavy Weather Regatta. June — South Tower Race, the dixcreet nonstop inland race in paranaguw region: SSC, www. EYC, www. YRA, www. June 21 — Intraclub Race 2. RYC, www. SeqYC, www. The war in Wales continue. Argentium colony expands km north. Chile womdn expands the north coast km. Bremen and Liege expand economy and industry. Acech expands its military, and builds wlmen ships in Andaman, also start to be paanagua to Pasai and become one kingdom. Kongo expands the military and uses Dutch weapons and paranaguua, and cpuntry inland sq km. The Russian economy grows as Russian pioneers and Cossacks reach farther and farther towards the Pacific, further establishing the Russian border with Manchuria.

    Meanwhile, the economy is growing Russia expands Novorossia by sq km, and Kanada by sq km. An earthquake happens in the Netherlands. It doesn't make much damage. The earthquake damage is repaired, and doesn't affect much. Kongo expands the military and uses Netherlands weapons and technology, and expands inland sq km. The borders are expanded km to the northeast. A trend has been acquiring with Apache farmers. Many are now beginning to grow tobacco and cotton instead of foodstuffs. Great Chief Fredrick thanks the Maya for the financial advisors. Great Chief Chongat Yagich takes them into the haruwin, declaring, "one day I dream that the spirits enlarge the haruwin to take in both you and your enemies, let us not fight one another like guanaco in mating season, but let us instead enjoy the bounty of the land together.

    The fighting between China and Zulu stops as the lines are drawn. The Zulu nation is devastated while the resources for the Chinese troops begin to run thin. In August, a supply fleet enters the new port. Meanwhile, the Russian offers are accepted. In Southeastern Asia, relations with the Shan dynasty improve. Lastly, the military and economy of China and her vassals improve. In Rajputana proper the infrastructure is improved and the ports are expanded to accommodate more ships trading in the Indian Ocean. Rajputana's navy is improved and has more advanced ships constructed.

    Rajput council members wonder if the Italians have accepted the deal offered to them. Treaties of cooperation and commerce are sent to the Japanese and Netherlanders. Netherlands accepts. His Majesty states that if the Emperor of Germany has a disagreement, he should put it in writing, or else send an emissary or even come himself to meet with the King-Duke to discuss. His Majesty is always ready to speak with his northern friends. The trading post in Africa is expanded by the SAC with the establishment of another fort twenty miles to the north of the first. Germany would like to request the return of part or the whole of Luxembourg, which is still a part of the Germanic realms according to us.

    Luxembourg illegally seceded from the Empire and illegally joined another nation which our ally led. This is regarded as betrayal committed by both parties and has led to calls for blood. Yet more Saint Thomas Aborigines are converted to Catholicism. The vassals of Adal, Warsangali, and Maynila are expanded by 10, km each. The development of hybrid Ethiopian and Orissan architecture begins in the city of Asmara. The Empire continues asserting its influence over the Miskito Kingdom, pressuring the rulers to join the Empire. Finally, several major figures convince the King to join the Empire, successfully vassalizing the Miskito Kingdom.

    The Chambers commission workers to go and update the local infrastructure and roadways, allowing for easy passage back and forth. Rome continues building relations with Carthage, giving lavish gifts to its King and offering it any aid it wishes. Rome also begins upping its trade with Carthage, in hopes one day the two nations may be much closer. Russia is an elective monarchy. Even if you are invited to be Tsar, the PU will only last for the remainder of your king's life Russia, like old Novgorod, invites and dismisses its then princes now Tsars Kingdom of Azerbaijan: Azerbaijani troops begin being sent to aid Russia. A new class of nobles is created, and it is made creating the House of Nobles, with half being Roman and half being Azerbaijani.

    It is also decided to create a second house called the Peoples Assembly, which will be made up of Azerbaijani citizens. The Madagascar and Hudson Bay colony expand by sq km. Technology increases as the NCS continues their work on biology and basic physics. Tensions slightly simmer down in Brittany as the Royal Council passes The Breton Act ofwhich gives Brittany semi-autonomous status. It is still an absorbed realm in Normandy without any borders and government of its own, but now has a special seat in the Royal Council. In other news, the first female Commander in the Norman military is honored in Rouen. Military and economy expand. The Arabian Federation builds up its economy as the Zanj coast colony expands sq km inland as more plantations are built in the colony.

    The new university system continues to be built and the Sheik council begin discussions into building a new state school system to educate people to a basic standard and to find out if children are good enough to progress to university. New innovations are brought into machinery including a new way to see far out to sea - the telescope. The Republic of Comchellak builds up its economy as the colony exports more spices and fruit. King Richard signs a peace treaty that ends the war against Wales. Among the treaty provisions, York will annex northern Welsh lands. Population and economy expand. Koori Union: The Koori Union expands km inwards from its southern-most borders, in an attempt to increase the Koori land width on the coasts.

    The Koori land on mainland Trowunna is expanded by km. The Koori grand muskets are now mounted on the rails of every Koori Nuwa ship, and in practice battles, prove to be effective at hitting man sized targets on opposing ships with ease. Another three ships of the Koori Nuwa are completed, bringing the total to twenty four. A number of trade vessels are built in the ports of the Koori Union and are added into the Koori Trading Company. Over the past two years any remaining loyalist forces that resided outside of the capital have been rounded up and killed, with any supplies captured being put to good use by the Maori Taua.

    The coastal attack campaign run by the Koori ships has devastated the capital over the past two years. It is believed that over fifty percent of the royal guard have been killed, and most of the defensive structures have been eliminated. Gamarada Daku prepares the Koori Yung and Maori Taua forces outside of the capital, and begins the speech that he wrote many years before. He stands up in front of his men and says how they are all "Paratas", and how fighting side by side the Koori and Maori have been permanently linked.

    He points to the capital and says that the Maori King must perish so that this bond may endure, and the Maori can once again be a proud people. He then calls the charge. The Koori Yung and Maori Taua run towards the battlements of the capital, but when they arrive they find them unmanned. Gamarada Daku slows down the assault so that they do not fall into a trap. They approach the palace carefully. On their way they find the bodies of the settlement's citizens, spread out around the streets, which infuriates the Maori Taua soldiers and the Koori Yung soldiers equally.

    Gamarada Daku and his troops climb the palace steps, mirroring the events that took place in the second year of their arrival. The doors of opened, and reveals the Maori King, his sons, and what remains of the royal guard behind battlements in the throne room of the palace. The defenders immediately open fire, and a number of Koori and Maori are felled. However, the musket volley is soon reciprocated. The battle rages for a small furious time, until the royal guard and all of the king's sons have been felled, and the king is draped injured on his throne.

    The throne room falls quiet as Gamarada Daku approaches the throne. The king appears to muster his stength to attack, but is unable to.

    A license strengths in coujtry old director, and many cheats contain construction across the common, to improve education. Cis — Absurd Industrial Invitational. This again only source from the s signals local musicians and big traders who love in addition, MPB, choro, and gafieira.

    The provincial government's fiscalrevenues rose almost 14 percent inbut that was a sharpslowdown from more than 42 percent budey Redskins owner Daniel Snyder has been couhtry that he won't change the Redskins name. Nothing else will get them away from womrn own inferiority complex about the Giants. Though the three largest PC manufacturers un squeeze out shipment gains, the rest of the industry wasn't so lucky. This included ocean thermal expansion, glacier melting, and melting discrset the Greenland and Antarctic ice sheets. Supreme Looling to cancel the early release order while considering his arguments that the state is making significant progress in improving conditions.

    The high court refused Friday to stop the release but did not rule on the appeal itself. Corrections Secretary Beard said the state would press on with that, so the "merits of the case can be considered without delay. Let the place work. Quarterly revenue is forecastto increase 1. Cambodia ranked th out of countries in the Transparency International Corruption Perceptions Index. They reviewed the results of 39 trials involving 2, people who were diagnosed with depression, looking at the severity of patients' symptoms that were assessed via standard scales used to monitor depression.

    I wrote it to put ME on a pedestal". In collaboration with an old friend from his Surrealist days, Man Rayhe worked on a scenario called The Sewers of Los Angeles, which took place on a mountain of excrement close to a highway and a dust basin. Libertad Lamarquean Argentine actress and singer, and Jorge Negretea Mexican singer and leading man in "charro" films. All of that interested me because I was still an apprentice in so-called 'normal' cinema.

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