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    MSff. It is equally and additionally possible, however, that the horse is metaphorical. In early modern Europe the geardaidh of horses or other gearfaidh by women was a trope for the inversion of moral order as represented by such activities as prostitution and witchcraft Zika: In any case we cannot take young corn literally, as this is of course happening in winter. There is, or was, a feminine noun fochain meaning cause, motive, reason, disturbance Dwelly: So either fochainn here means disturbance or young corn is being used as a metaphor for girlhood. Breaking both legs and losing one s garters is slapstick comedy of the kind to be expected in a bawdy song.

    One is near Ballachulish on Loch Leven, and was the residence of the MacDonalds of Glencoe until the nineteenth century. Another is at the head of Loch Sunart, two miles east of Strontian appendix 4 below.

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    The ij is in Arisaig, and the fourth is at the head of Loch Nevis in Knoydart. As Iain Thornber has pointed out to me, the name appears to mean a place with a prehistoric cairn there is a large one at the head of Loch Un, while a similar one in Arisaig was destroyed during the building of the railway. However, other factors the numbers of men involved sluta each case, the lack of evidence for prostitution at Ballachulish, the emergence of information about Mr Campbell and the bark trade have convinced me that the Carnoch in question is the one at Strontian.

    I have failed to make such an identification, but at least it is possible Fuck local sluts in gearraidh bhaird say what lies behind the name: Curiously, all of the Carnochs offer beaches, modest or otherwise. In particular, at Ballachulish in vessels of any burthen could be beached most commodiously in fine smooth sand, so near the shore, that they may be loaded Fhck throwing a few planks between the vessels and the shore McNicol At the head of Loch Sunart, rock-strewn sands are exposed at low Fukc at the mouths of the Strontian and Carnoch rivers, and the head of Loch Sunart is frequently slkts to in eighteenth-century ih as a meeting- or gathering-place, being conveniently accessible by sea as well Fuc, by land Fergusson: Iain Thornber points out to me that Kinlochsunart came to be the site of an important cattle market, and was also frequented by hundreds of herring-boats at a time, the nets being laid out to dry along the short stretch of shoreline between Strontian Fuck local sluts in gearraidh bhaird Carnoch.

    Mo ghille, my boy, my lad, seems to be the poet s way of referring to his own prize possession. It does not rhyme with boireann, however, unless we remove the lengthmark and interpret it as bag rather than pocket. This interpretation appears to be confirmed by Text G2 lines 24 and 40, see notes on those lines. As this appears to raise the issue of prostitution in Ardnamurchan and Sunart in the yearsit would be as well to state here what is known about it. Appendix 12 below alleges that a certain Nellie McMorphew, housekeeper at Horsey Hall in our period, was a very bad woman who had slept with the factor, Donald Cameron, and was now talking openly She got herself pepper d in this family by the Laird.

    This seems distinctly possible, as Sir Alexander had separated from his wife in after four unhappy years of marriage Cameron: The problem of sexually transmitted disease became so acute in the parish that he also published Tinneas na h-urchaid Venereal Disease, a health warning in eight quatrains ibid. He does not mention Strontian, mines, migrant labour or prostitution, but concludes by warning his flock against alien diseases MacilleDhuibh. You ll have alien diseases, Smallpox, plague and the scabies, Destroying and corrupting you Like mangy horses grown old. A satire on two men in Ardnamurchan one named Angus son of Allan and one named Allan who have allegedly taken to whoring at the age of eighty, this poem appears to be motivated as much by personal grudge as by social concern.

    Close reading of one stanza, the seventh of fifteen, reveals cross-references back to Sir Alexander s regime and to the mines at Strontian ibid. It s far grassier in Faskadale. Marbhaisg air na bodaichibh: Confound the old buggers: Whose wallets are bulging! Claisean furrows bears the double meaning grooves, groves, the term used for the mine-shafts at Strontian see appendix Marbhaisg air na bodaichibh could equally be translated A plague on the peasants. Who is paying double rent and a grassum fee to whom is not entirely clear. On one level we may guess that Angus and Allan have obtained land at Faskadale which the poet wanted for himself cf.

    Black On another level, this may be a reference to the extortionate rent of 3, which the York Buildings Company in the person of its governor, Col. Samuel Horsey agreed to pay for the mines inand to the lump sum grassum fee of 6, also paid to Sir Alexander and his partners in compensation for their expenditure on the works, not to mention the royalty of the sixth dish to the overlord the feudal proprietor, Sir Duncan Campbell of Lochnell. The then manager, Francis Place, an experienced mining engineer, considered 3, to be seven times what the works were worth Murray It was transcribed by Donald Archie MacDonald.

    The editors of Tocher give lines only, saying that what precedes these is very similar to the Vatersay version. Was playing the harp: Nautical tunes? As a virgin: And the merry music. With two feet underneath. Who could go: Rug casadaich air is anfhadh He was seized by coughing and shortness of breath S a bhreith aoise. And the? For the bag! And lost his garter.

    To you, Hector! Every holy day: On one sandwich. For Mr Campbell. From her journey: And the baking-board The first stanza is similar to that in the other version, but some of the vocabulary is different: It thus ib a first hint of the witchcraft which surfaces again later see note on line Fireach is widely used in mainland dialects for bhairf, moor, mountain, acclivity Dwelly: Druim an Oocal is marked on lsuts at the geareaidh of Glen Borrodale in Ardnamurchan. It means both nautical tunes and seaports. M a cGarry is quite a common surname today in the west of Scotland, but there are no instances of it in the Argyll name-lists of and MacTavish.

    It is unlikely to be related to Mc gorry MacTavish In Text G1 I made this line part of a prose section. The Tocher text begins right in the middle of it. However, the rhyme between cnoidhein and fodha shows clearly that these lines belong together. Thug iad a-mach means literally they took out. He was just like a chambered cairn standing on two feet. In text G1 Uilleam was the name of the girl s father, but not so here. I believe the translation is entirely correct. Uilleam seems to have run off without putting anything in it, and either broke his legs in the process or had them broken for him I take it that currachd is here a kneecap.

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