• Condom gets stuck

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    7 things to do if condom gets stuck in you

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    Condoms should fit snugly over an erect penis.

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    Some people find that sex feels better if they use lube on the inside of the condom. If you use too much though, things can get a bit too slippery in there. If you like to use lube inside the condom, only use a drop or two at the tip. You can also try not using lube on the inside of the condom entirely, to see if that solves your problem. Sit down on the toilet and spread your legs with your feet on the floor. Insert a finger inside your vagina as far as you can. If you cannot feel the condom, move your finger back and forth to try and locate it. When you feel it, insert another finger to grab the condom and pull it out.

    Sometimes it works best to stand in front of the toilet and put one foot on the lid.

    Stuck Condom gets

    Then try to use your fingers to remove it. If you cannot remove the condom, visit your gynecologist. They may be able to remove the condom. You may also consider visiting a nearby urgent care center or emergency room. You should also visit the doctor if you have any pieces of a broken condom left inside you. This will be similar to a normal pelvic exam, in which you lie down with your feet placed into stirrups and your knees apart. The practitioner will use a speculum and see if the condom can be removed manually. If not, long forceps may be used to pull the condom out. It might even help to squat over the toilet as if you were peeing, as this could make it easier and help you balance better.

    Strategy four: It might also help to get into the birthing position. No, really. Had I waited any longer to get examined, the infection could have gotten much worse, she said.

    She gave me some antibiotics to clear up the problem, but since the condom had already been removed, she told me that I had nothing to worry about. Now, Gary and I remove and throw away our condoms immediately after having sex, no matter how tired or sleepy we are. Even though my ordeal only lasted about a week, I'll never forget the pain and discomfort I experienced, not to mention, the panic I felt when I noticed the bleeding and discharge. I don't ever want to go through that again.

    Pull it off after he pulls out Photo: Shutterstock Believe it or not, it's not uncommon for a condom to slip off a man's penis during intercourse and get stuck in his partner's vagina. This can happen if Conodm condom has not been put on properly that is, all the way to the base of the penisor if the Condomm is not the right fit for your man's penis it should fit snugly but comfortably around his shaft. All you have to do is push your fingers in. You could be feeling the condom inside you, just try to move your fingers there and get a hold. Kidding, do 5. Squats can help a great deal in pushing the stuck condom or even a menstrual cup if it ever comes to that out.

    Chances are, it's become lodged at the top of your vaginal canal near your cervix. To better access this area, squat with your feet flat on the floor and bear down, or prop one foot on a chair and try to retrieve it with your fingers. If you still can't get it out, go to your gyno or your hospital's emergency room for help.

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